Road Trip: Namibia

As we gaze out across the Namib desert the vista before us is startlingly immense.  The horizon pleats and folds through desert sands to the distant purple escarpment.  The magnitude of it all is engulfing and at once we feel reduced down to an inconsequential spec in this vast sea of sand.

The expansive horizons of the Namib draw the viewer into it’s realm of colours.

Our road trip starts in the south, crossing the Orange River then venturing off the beaten track we travel northwards to reach Kunene River bordering Angola.

For a photographer it is a dream location – the colours, light and form unfold in superlatives.    The stark, arid landscapes which so captivate have a compelling rhythm where wind sculpts sinuous sand dunes and water carves meandering pathways.  As we travel northwards the land transforms to savannah, green mopani and woodlands.

It’s a strange and wondrous land: mesmerising and surreal at times.   My field of interest – the interconnection between land, people and it’s wildlife is revealing in it’s complexities here.

I’ll be posting when WiFi is available, why not come along and read about our adventures ……


The 2016 Cape Cycle Tour

Capetonians were out in force today to cheer the 35,000 participants of the 39th Cape Town cycle tour.  The front runners rounding the bend on Fisherman’s Beach were in fine form, the leader (No 22) set a cracking pace.   It was a sight to see the main pelotons bunched tightly togther.  But it wasn’t only about the competitive cyclists, many participants – in all shapes and sizes came through in high spirits regardless of setting pace.


State of Mind

Puff the magic dragon, who live by the sea.
Puff the magic dragon, who lives by the sea.

The shape of the swirling clouds above the mountains conjure up images of dragons drifting by.

Orographic clouds are clouds that develop in response to the forced lifting of air by the earth’s topography (mountains for example).”

WPC: State of Mind


The wildflowers of Namaqualand

This week’s photo challenge,”Beneath Your Feet” coincides with a wonderland of early spring wildflowers in spectacular display in Namaqualand, an area 500 kms north of Cape Town. There is a rich heritage of some 3,800 plant species and an extravagance of colour.  It’s a paradise for a photographer and Cheri’s suggestion of capturing the world beneath one’s feet fits the bill for me this week 🙂