Future Tense: The Plants of Tomorrow

Seed dispersal – isn’t it a fascinating topic! Here this strezilia tree is advertising it’s pods through it’s rich orange tone. Such dynamic processes will kick in to get the seeds moving, wind, gravity, birds, mice, humans ( me in this case!) have designs on depositing the seeds in different locations. It will be interesting to track how many take root in the future.


Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood





Simon’s Town, my home town is known for it’s naval traditions, but here I capture a different maritime routine – a squadron of penguins returning from a day’s fishing.   Boulder’s Beach is unique in that it has a colony  of penguins situated right in the midst of a residential area.   One of my favourite late afternoon walks is along a coastal path right past these characterful creatures.   I used Snapseed and Pic grunger to add effect.  Personally I’m not happy with the look of the photos –  much prefer my DSLR!