Sweet Nectar

Sweet is the nectar that the little sunbirds and Cape sugarbirds enjoy flitting around the garden.

WPC: Sweet



Two different views comparing the barren landscape ravaged by fire with scenes showing the growth and colours of the regenerated vegetation.

Cape of Good Hope from Hoek van Bobbejaan.

WPC: Growth

WPC: Favourite

This scene was an easy choice as my favourite shot of the year!   It lacks in photographic technique and neither is it a good composition, but rather it speaks in an existential sense – a wild untrammelled spirit ; flying along, unfettered, free.  It’s also unusual in that the Cape Mountain zebra are a species associated with mountains, and to have recorded this scene on the beach is (i think) a personal shot of a lifetime.   I posted it after the devastating storm in June and wrote about it here.




A Bouquet

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the wonderful support through another year of blog posts.  Your continued interest and comments are so appreciated.  This year whisked by all too quickly unfurling through the seasons and nature’s bewitching patterns.  Unexpected events too – fire, storms and the continuing drought all added to the drama.   Hope you’ll hop on board for a ride through next year’s stories revealing the wildlife characters living at the foot of Africa, here on this wild side of the southern reaches of the Cape Peninsula.

Wishing one and all a wonderful year ahead, and here’s hoping you may imbibe healthy doses of nature outdoors and be inspired:  “Carpe Diem” !




WPC: Serene

Twilight in Southern Africa is a short affair – 45 minutes after sunset and evening rustles in. As birds and animals come in to roost there’s a gradual lessening of ‘chirp’. Here at the Kunene River Lodge the wind subsides and the water takes on a heavenly appearance to perfectly reflect the sky and clouds. It is remarkably serene – for about 15 minutes before the night chorus cranks up. Cicadas, crickets, frogs, night jars all tune up and deafen the night in syncopated symphony.
WPC: serene