31 thoughts on “Seashells

  1. I agree with you on your choice, walking along a beach with shells makes me flit from one to another in delight. Nature is the ultimate artist.

  2. Your first picture reminds me of youthful holidays spent at Southbroom in KZN. Then the beaches were awash with shells – such magical creations for an inlander – that I enjoyed picking through. My grandparents were strict about us ‘only taking a few’ home with us ‘so that others can also enjoy their beauty’. Alas, such shell-strewn beaches are no longer common. Your photographs are a joy to look at.

    1. Sadly and no longer the spread of species. Jeffrey’s Bay was The place for shells way back in the day. Childhood memories so sweet – I remember the cowries and Plett for pansy shells but taught never to take the live specimen.

    1. Thanks Tina. I dipped into my files for this one – was amazed and perturbed as well to see the quantity. This was on St Bart’s (Caribbean) and am guessing this was the result of natural causes – storm / hurricane? It was some months after ‘Left-handed Lennie’ snuck up the leeward side of the Windward and Leeward islands chain.

  3. Liz- the collection of shells is beautiful… a terrific choice for this Challenge!
    I’ve been away from blogging for a while -and- what a wonderful treat to visit your blog. It’s “Shiny!!!” Love the look and the success you are enjoying.

    1. Hi Sunshine, thanks for your comments on the shells. It’s taken time and persistence to build up a following. Also had a slow start and then interest in my blog picked up when I started reading and interacting with other fellow bloggers – particularly in my field of interests – nature and photography. It also helps to join a community like the WordPress Postaday challenges. Linking to Facebook and Twitter also drives a following. Look at the SEO – search engine optimisation aspect as well. My lucky break came through a post that went viral on Facebook – through SEO tagging. Stick with it though your blog posts are engaging -informative and the photography excellent. The posts and photography on Kileuea and the lava flows are extraordinary!! Keep the posts coming!

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