Southern Right whales: nomads of the southern seas

They’re back!  The gentle giants – the Southern Right (Eubalaena australis) whales ply the seas from the Antarctic visiting the Cape shores between June and November.  Despite their size they have gymnastic tendencies.  Through leaping, tail lobbing and spy hopping they create fantastic shows with tremendous splash down .  They’re easily recognised by their callosities (sometimes mistaken for barnacles) that cover their heads and blowholes.  These patterns are like unique fingerprints particular to each individual.

They’re welcomed with joyful spirit by the many spectators who enjoy their exuberant antics.

WPC: Transient

24 thoughts on “Southern Right whales: nomads of the southern seas

  1. We love watching the whales pass by as they migrate north each year, we have Humpbacks mainly. We are so blessed they do not hunt them anymore, it is a great treat to go on a whale watch cruise.

    1. The whales are in full migration up here . And next weekend I’m going whale watching out of Redcliffe, Q. So good tha the Tangalooma whale station is no longer and the whales have returned to Moreton Bay.

  2. Wow! Love this…

    By the way, I did read an article in The Economist, about the fascinating life of elephants. And, that the population of elephants has dropped alarmingly, as per a census done in Africa

    1. Thanks Rajiv, i googled the Economist article – glad to read the outcome on the studies of their movements and the commitment to keep corridors open. Interesting to learn of their ‘clans’ and larger groupings in comparison to human behaviour. The GEC got a lot of publicity here ( i posted on the results) as the poaching stats are shocking. Though China is banning the sale of ivory by end of this year, i’m sceptical the poaching will stop when other Asian countries still promote sales. Still there are some good ambassadors out there campaigning to make a difference. Live in hope ….

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