The storm brings a feast for Cape baboons

Two days have passed since the storm and the sandy beach where I photographed the galloping zebra has altered in the aftermath. Today it is strewn with huge piles of kelp,  dislodged by the powerful waves and borne in on the spring high tide.

The kelp brought with it a bonanza for the baboons, a feast of  mussels still attached to the fronds.  The baboons living along the coast supplement their diet with this highly nutritious resource which is rich in omega oils.  They tucked in with gusto, and I noticed that some of the older females had packed their cheek pouches until they bulged into hanging pouches.  There was a lot of ‘chatter’ as they sucked and chewed and a delightful sound of ‘hiccups’ as one greedy adult male gulped down the morsels far too quickly.

28 thoughts on “The storm brings a feast for Cape baboons

  1. Some good has come from the storm then. You are an amazing observer of this troop Liz. Fabulous photos as usual. I have to say I much prefer my mussels cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce 🙂

    1. Yes that little one was quite the star of the show. Mind you there is a strict hierachy when it comes to food and the pecking order. So he had to wait his chance being at the end of the chain.

  2. Dear Liz,
    I am putting together an Baboon awareness brochure/booklet for the Overstrand area. I love your pictures! Would it be possible to use one/two even three of your pics? Specifically the young baboons foraging in the kelp, the male on the rocks dipping his hand in. Also a picture from a previous post of the baboons eating cone bush? I of course will keep your signature on the photo and credit you. The brochure is for educational purposes and will not be used to generate income/funds. Thank you for the great photography, I hope to hear from you. Tamzyn

    1. Hello Tamzyn, you’re most welcome to use the photos and I’m happy to assist for educational purposes. Not sure whether the web pix are suitable for orinting – may require higher resolution . I’m travelling in Namibia presently – when is your printing deadline?

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