The riggish scent of the sea hangs strongly in the air; there’s a chill wind and I feel uncomfortable as a strange and creepy feeling envelopes the beach strewn with storm detritus and mounds of kelp. In the distance lies “The Log” a casualty from some long ago episode when it washed ashore to lie abandoned and forlorn.   This is a hostile place for ships when the Cape is battered by the huge breaking Atlantic swells.  Just off this beach lie four shipwrecks and some say that the ghost ship “The Flying Dutchman” still plies these waters…..

WPC: Focus

8 thoughts on “Eerie

  1. Good to see the log still there. I haven’t visited it in at least five years – the logs came loose from a ship about seven or eight years ago. Either way, that immense piece of wood, probably ripped out of the ground somewhere in Borneo, is probably doing a damned side better than the Thomas T. Tucker and the Nolloth – which, to be honest, do have 50-70 years of battering by the wind and sea behind them. A beautiful place and space and, yes, I do feel some envy when recalling the Champagne air, the sting of the sand blown on a howling gale, or the still sun – high above – silently baking that ancient rock-strewn promontory to an ovenly shimmer. God’s backyard.

    1. The champagne air is beautifully chilled 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful comments – “God’s backyard” puts it into it’s awesome context. Love the wildness of it’s moods. those howling gales really do whip up a tempestous sea 🙂 I remember reports of those logs being washed ashore. Only recently i discovered that ‘secret’ aspect of the SA navy having radar in the time of the Tommy T Tucker’s grounding but that they had to maintain radio silence and not warn the ship!

  2. A sensitive person definitely picks up the undercurrent and its moods.. and you managed to capture that as well. Mike’s narrative adds a lot to your own.. it must be a very unique – subtle yet powerful place on our planet.

  3. You’ve made it look and sound rather scarey, and a place like that is bound to be filled with ghosts, sitting as it is at the bottom o the continent.

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