Cape Clawless Otter

Sand bathing is all part of a young Cape Clawless otter’s daily routine.


4 thoughts on “Cape Clawless Otter

  1. So gorgeous!
    I think nature “on the edge” is going to be how many species will have to adapt to cope with climate change and the impact of humans in their habitat. I was reading that orangutans are already beginning to adapt to the edges of palm plantations for example, as long as there is food close enough by in the forest. It’s a sad but real reality. Lovely series. x

    1. Yes isn’t it worrying that the encroaching urban environment is displacing the wild. It’s interesting that there are creatures adapting to new eco-niches. The politicians and global leaders appear to way behind (or denialists) getting up to speed on the ‘resilience imperative’. I agree its a sad realityand the effects of climate change are pretty worrying for conservation of wild species.

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