The Link between Dinosaurs and Ostrich

Ostriches crossing a sandy corridor in a gale.

Imagine if you will Tyrannosaurus rex running through the landscape, and how compelling this scene is knowing that evidence now points to birds being the dinosaurs’ closest living relatives.  Back in 2004 scientist Mary Schweitzer at North Carolina State University made this exciting discovery when studying the soft tissue of an ancient leg bone of a T.rex. which had been dug up in a site in Montana.  Proof of the evidence came when she compared samples of the dinosaur bone with ostrich and emu bones which show near-identical features.

Since then further fossil finds are revealing more information on feathered dinosaurs and evidence to their link to the evolution of modern day birds particularly the ostrich.

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23 thoughts on “The Link between Dinosaurs and Ostrich

      1. Hello Nigel, my understanding is that the scientists link modern birds to theropod dinosaurs. In a ‘round-about’ way to answer your question (hadedah being if the ibis family) you may be interested in reading this interesting article from the Australian Geographic magazine – ‘The ibis is helping us better understand how dinosaurs moved”.

  1. Wonderful image and interesting information. I have to admit that I have always had a feeling about these big flightless birds, they are uncannily like dinosaurs in a group.

  2. I’ve always thought there was a link, even as a kid. I remember a teacher laughing at me for expressing that. Ha, what did she know? 😉
    I love this photo of dinosaurs in the dunes! 😉 White sand, blue sea – it doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

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