Baboons huddling together to keep warm.

Rain: 1.6% rise in Cape Town’s dam levels

The welcome rain continues to bring relief to the parched veld and urban gardens.  Within days new shoots are greening up and animals appear to be coping, if not revelling in the fresh rainwater.  Though we have a long way to go before the strict water restrictions can be eased.

Interesting to note the animals’ fur ‘fluffled up’ to create thermoregulation which helps to insulate and retain body heat.

Baboons huddling together to keep warm.


21 thoughts on “Rain: 1.6% rise in Cape Town’s dam levels

  1. Always curious to see animal responses to weather events. Enjoyed your photos and narrative Liz- the last image is priceless. I’m wondering how much rain you need to reach “normal” and if the drought is a seasonal or multi-year problem?

    1. Yes, that’s an intriguing subject to learn what triggers weather response in animals. South Africa is a low rainfall region, 600mm per annum on average. We’re learning just how precious water is as the drought grips the province. The western Cape is a winter rainfall area, but we’re already the results are below average for May and June. Should have had an average of 80mm this month but overall less than half has fallen. Last year’s was only slightly better. A deficit of 25% is normally regarded as a severe meteorological drought but it can be safely assumed that a shortfall of 20% from normal rainfall will cause crop and water shortfalls in many regions accompanied by social and economic hardship. Have heard that we need three consecutive years of good fall to replenish dams. Meanwhile city is considering drilling into the aquifers or desalination.

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