“Stats” haven’t really been too much of a motivation for me, that is until this past week when my site unexpectedly started ‘pinging’.    Topics relating to the Cape Storm got great press pushing up the visitor numbers to an all time high.   Then came a further boost with a shout out from Ben Huberman on Discover: Editor’s picks.

I feel quite overwhelmed by the response and would like to post a hearty welcome to all the new followers.

Baby baboon hi

To Ben and the WordPress team,  i send a big thank you and a gift of virtual flowers – protea repens.  The birds love them for their rich sugary nectar and are also known as the sugarbush protea.

Sugar bush protea


20 thoughts on ““Discovered”

  1. Hurrah for you, Liz! Your site is a great one.
    I love the waving baboon baby. 😉 And the protea, of course! Sometimes we can get these at the florists.

  2. Great to get this recognition Liz. So glad that more people will get to read your informative posts and see your lovely pics. Keep up the excellent flow of ideas and images! I see that it is chilly in the Cape this week, so keep warm, and I hope the rains that come fall in the catchment areas.

  3. This is marvellous, Liz. I have always felt your posts deserve a wider audience – you have a special talent of choosing really interesting aspects of the topics you cover.

  4. Congratulations on being “discovered”. I’m one of your new followers – for the wildlife, and for your gorgeous photography. I look forward to future posts.

  5. Just came across your blog and want to send kudos your way for sharing your world. I just came back from 3 weeks in Africa and am still trying to sort out and process all that I encountered on this adventure. I am a new blogger and am constantly amazed by the writing and photography that I’m finding within this community.
    If you have a chance, please visit me . I just posted a blog on the wild dogs that I encountered at Sabi Sands.
    I’ll be following you!


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