What's it all about?

Primarily, Nature on the Edge is a photo-blog where the imagery serves to document and highlight issues here at the interface between urban and wild. There are many tales to tell, and a variety of characters who take front row seats ….

It all began with the picture below and the subject of human / wildlife conflict, back in March 2009. The image was submitted to a local newspaper to raise awareness on the spate of incidents involving baboons raiding cars along the scenic road to Cape Point. An anthropomorphic interpretation brought many off beat responses including the newspaper’s daily cartoonist weighing in on the subject – a portrayal of the shoe being on the other foot, so to speak….

Living the life on the edge

There is more commentary here and further information on the urban baboon situation, here and here.

The scene is set at the tip of the south-western edge of South Africa, where the Cape Peninsula juts into the Atlantic Ocean and the seas roll in unfettered against the western side while to the east, lies False Bay. The city of Cape Town, with it’s suburbs stretching southwards, encompasses a natural environment throbbing with life between the mountains and sea and is one of a handful of cities world wide to be situated around a national park.

Contents cover various aspects of a changing world; transformed land, human/wildlife conflict, the impact of climate change, descriptions of natural heritage set in a rich floral kingdom; of vulnerable and endangered species, set against a backdrop of the rugged Table Mountain chain located along the spine of the peninsula.

The subject of biophilia is reflected too – a love of nature; and a hardcore addiction to the workings of the natural world. The photo images document a broad variety of creatures and landscapes.

The galleries are a work in progress. Browse through the category listings in the side bar to find subjects of interest or use the “Search” button to bring up specific items.

I support conservation projects and am happy to supply photos on request to be used expressly for educational purposes or to spread information on conservation awareness. Please find details on the “contact” page.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy a ‘virtual’ ramble through the posts and do come back for another visit!

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