About me

I’m a Nikon fan – starting out with a D200 and then graduating through to a D3S and now to the awesome D850. I attended lectures at Nikon Training in Kingston, London getting to grips with the technical aspects.

The craft of photography is an evolving journey for me: I learned the basics attending the London School of Photography under the inspirational  – Luciana Franzolin and i continue to attend workshops in Cape Town on various photographic aspects.

Drawn to capturing the connection between landscapes and wildlife, I find conservation issues arising:  the insiduous creep of urbanisation and the effect altered landscapes have on man and animal.  On one hand we seek connection with the mystery and freedom of the natural world, yet we continually strive to tame the wild around us. Living at the urban edge I’m very aware of the ‘interface’ zone and the fragility and adaptation of the creatures on the fringe.

In 2011 I held a photographic exhibition titled “Wild Within”  at the Casa Labia Art Gallery in Cape Town, which reflected the impact humans have on baboons and the complex issues around human/baboon conflict.

I hope you’ll join me by posting your comments. I’m equally curious to know of  ‘backyard’ encounters in other parts of the world.   Any feedback will be most appreciated 🙂

With warm wishes,