Here it is: a single photo showing the passage of time, transitions and change.  This bleak scene signifies change – climate change.  A dry riverbed with almost no water may well be a typical scene in the future.  Described as a water scarce country, South Africa’s average annual rainfall is a mere 464mm. While parts of the country suffer drought conditions, the Western Cape is in dire straits.   This is “The new normal”, we are told.

This week Erica poses the WP  challenge:  Delta. Share a picture that sybolizes transitions, change and the passing of time.

26 thoughts on “Delta

  1. Definitely “like” in terms of the image itself, but major “not like” the story behind the shot. We’ve been told for a while now that water will be a major battleground of the future and it seems the future is here.

  2. Sad. But good for you for telling it like it is. We need more of this honesty and less of the “head in the sand” approach epitomized by certain politicians.

    1. So true…. All that work to get the COP21 agreement signed in Paris last year, and put in globally binding agreements of climate change and already it is breaking down! The world is going to have to work together to effect the change.

  3. Sadly, what you say is very true. If only municipalities – and residents – would do their utmost to save water by using it wisely and fixing leaks as soon as they arise. We are heading towards the Cape Town situation with heartbreakingly little water left – no rain forecast for the foreseeable future either.

    1. What happens next? The engineers talk about drilling into aquifers; desalination plants. There appears to be less haste in making decisions to provide alternate provisions while the situation worsens!

  4. This picture portrays honesty with no illusions.Climate change os a scary reality and we all need to do our best to save it.
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  5. How sad. “The new normal” sounds frightening. Poor habitat!
    Congratulations on your presentation on WP Discover, Liz. It’s well deserved!
    I don’t know what’s happening to my WP account, I have, once again unbeknown to me, unfollowed you. So please don’t feel irritated that I press the follow button again.;-)
    Have a great weekend,
    Dina & co

    1. Yes, we’re facing radical times. Here households are installing water tanks for rain harvesting off roofs. Perhaps this is how we will manage in the future?
      Strange how WP unlinks – and I’m wondering whether it has anything to do with my changing themes? I will pose this question to one of the “Happiness” engineers.

  6. Scary, especially coming from a place where rain is plentiful and the ocean is next door. It makes you forget that other places in the world don’t have the resources overflowing around them. It reminds us that we should try to conserve even when to us it doesn’t always appear to be lacking!

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