Angulate tortoise on the chase

Trending at the moment are the angulate tortoise; it’s mating season and they’re defending their patch against competitors.  Truculence is a good descriptive fit for the males sweeping their territory.  I was amused to find that as I crossed through one gutsy male’s area he came dashing over to investigate.Angulate tortoise on the beat.

The males have neck long plates with which they flip their rivals and watching the chase, endurance and stamina come into play.  One stumble and the game is over.

Angulate tortoise_The chase is on Anugulate tortoise _ the flip

The loser once flipped has no means of righting itself and will die a slow death.Angulate tortoise_vanquished

We’re noting that there is activity in the area which was affected by the fire last March in the Cape Point reserve.  Good to see that they’re making a comeback – even though their shells are charred, they’re in feisty fettle.

Angulate tortoise with charred shell.