8 thoughts on “Cape clawless otters come calling

  1. I simply adore the otters. Years ago near the Aquarium, Monterey Bay, California, you could swim and the otters were not afraid. It was protected, but you could still swim there. I have wonderful memories of taking my children there and getting up close and personal with these adorable creatures!

  2. Oh this is great! I love otters. I had 2 close-up encounters with them in Singapore. The first one, I had my camera and sat with a dog otter for ages. I’ll be blogging about that one in future. The second encounter was with 3 pups that were having so much fun. As with all the best moments, I had left my camera at home but have unforgettable memories! 🙂

      1. Singapore is well developed but maintains some good areas of mangrove on the main island and some of their smaller islands which are still very green. There is a surprising amount of wildlife there.

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