Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

When close is too close!   Here two local visitors forget to respect that baboons are wild creatures and get much too close to take a photograph.   The animal may not look threatening, but in this instance the baboon was sitting on the railing in a food queue, waiting for the alpha male to finish a snack which some foolish and uncaring person had thrown out of a car window.  There was pandemonium after of this picture was taken as the troop all rushed in to scrum over the leftovers.  This particular troop has been severely impacted by the thoughtless acts of people wanting to get up close, and illegal feeding.  As they learn to associate people with food, dominance assertion is triggered which too often results in male baboons having to be put down due to aggressive behaviour.   If we could only make people responsible and take the food out of the equation, not the baboons”!

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