Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement II

I’ve had fun experimenting with the illusion of movement by creating a “Flower Burst”.    I used a zoom technique to transform still life into funky artworks!   I used an 18 – 200mm telephoto lens, ISO 200 F25 1/4 second shutter speed. This is the ‘zoomed-out’ movement.

Softer colours; the same settings but a zoom-in movement.Here are the roses …. it was interesting to see how the colours translated into variated hues.

The next sequence –  “Liburnum Kaleidoscope” is a creation drawn from the exquisite liburnum bower at Hampton Court which I discovered last spring when visiting the UK.   I lingered long in that tunnel surrounded by the heavenly perfume and colour and loved the acid yellow.

  Camera settings –  ISO 200 F25 Shutter speed 1/25 and camera twist while depressing the shutter turned the scene into a patterned kaleidoscope.  

…. and a second shot, using a slightly faster twist, but slower shutter speed – 1/4.   This is one of my favourite ‘mind’s eye’ shots.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement II

    1. Thank you for the link AJ. Glad to know you still have a soft spot for your former home. I enjoyed a ramble around your page… and now am curious to read more on your short stories, (being a fan of that genre). I shall check out the collection on Kindle….

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