Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Still life composition, macrophotography.I’m intrigued by the deconstruction of colour: purple with it’s tones of red and blue.   Here red onions are edging towards purple and eggplants have an undertone of black-blue.  I really wanted to photograph squashed mulberries for their extraordinary integrated richness of hue but it’s some months before they ripen up.

Many associations come to mind with the colour purple, but with the recent passing of Jon Lord, I draw inspiration from Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”, fire in the sky.   Although nowhere near Montreux, the scene is a sunrise over a dam near Citrusdal (Western Cape).   Can’t you just hear the rhythmic underpinnings of guitar and keyboard?   If only one could paint the music.   He was one of rock music’s greatest.  RIP.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. Lovely shiny veges, great take on the subject 🙂 I so rarely see those colours in the sky, I get lots of oranges and yellow and gold. Smoke on the water, Fire in the SKY!

  2. I hear a purple perplexing rhythm raining down from the lovely purple sky
    trickling through the soft clouds, filtered by greenery
    to gently lull my mind to calm serenity 🙂

    Love both images – nice take on the theme 🙂

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