Egyptian Geese: First there were ten…

In an earlier post, i wrote of a pair of Egyptian geese   with their tiny chicks undertaking a long walk and a perilous swim to a safer location.  Then there were ten chicks, now there are six.  The nature wardens who look out for the penguins suspect the predators are either mongoose or pied crows. Here they are under the watchful eye of the gander, where they appear to be happily settled near the penguins.

4 thoughts on “Egyptian Geese: First there were ten…

    1. Must admit when i watched the clutch setting off to sea, i wondered if any chicks would survive. It will be interesting to keep a track of them as they grow, but nature has a way of balancing numbers.

  1. It’s such a difficult thing to “root” for the predators – but they need to eat, too. I’m thoroughly enjoying your photos!

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