Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This week’s photo challenge is about scale and the brief is to share a photo which means BIG: here is the large, but elegantly boned dinosaur “Diplodocus carnegii”, at the Natural History Museum in London.

This plant eating dinosaur lived 150 million years ago, and it’s impressive size dwarfs the people around the display.  From tip to tail it measures 26 meters.  In contemporary times, the Blue Whale surpasses this measurement( growing to 30 meters) and truly adds perspective to the scale of  “big”.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. I’ve been to this museum many times with my son. I remember the roars of dinosaurs, the crowd. Once I lost him (5 years old) in the midst of the mammals and had to retrieve him at the reception near the dinosaurs. He could have been abducted by the dinosaurs.

    1. Dippy’s still roaring and there’re hoards of very active children! Glad your son was safely retrieved. Your heart must have been in a panic – those dinosaurs could have been quite menacing for such a little person.

  2. You are doing some serious sightseeing in London… I love the Natural History Museum, my two-year-old was so impressed by the dinosaurs, he wasn’t even afraid of the T-Rex. Maybe, because he hasn’t seen Jurassic Park.

    1. Yeah, love the museums. Right there with all the youngsters enjoying augmented reality and the interactive displays. Interesting how kids are enthralled by the dinosaurs, tho’ you’re right to have shielded your two year old – Steven Spielberg’s T-Rex was an over-the-top voracious carnivore…. scare the living daylights of any sensitive child!

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