Well done to Buzzerbeezz for highlighting the conservation work undertaken in Sumatra protecting the Orangutans. It’s aslo interesting to read the work being done on establishing ecotourism principles which benefit the animals as well as the local villagers.

The Science of Life

I heard and read on the news, there are many orangutans brutally killed by palm oil business in my country, Indonesia. Here is one of many news you can find online, Hundreds of orangutans killed in north Indonesian forest fires deliberately started by palm oil firms. As we know, orangutans status is endangered to critically endangered. Eighty percent of the world’s orangutans live in Indonesia, while the other twenty percent live in Borneo (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei).

Months ago, I went to Bukit Lawang Rehabilitation Center for orangutans in North Sumatra, Indonesia. I met people who take time and energy for orangutan survival. I am thankful that there are people and organisations that still care, volunteer and campaign for orangutans. Without them, I believe orangutans are extinct now. And I think, the orangutans would also be grateful if they could talk. Look at their smile on the pictures! We should also do something for…

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    1. It’s sad Gilly, …an escalating global crisis, that we’re wiping out so many species and their habitats. I read up a bit more on Sepilok, thank goodness for sanctuaries, and the good work they’re doing.

  1. Thanks for reblogging the story. It’s so important to raise awareness.Otherwise nothing will ever change.

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