Changing Seasons: Head in the Clouds

This week’s challenge to share a picture that means CHANGING SEASONS.

Cheri Lucas posted these comments : “We know our readers hail from all corners of the globe, so we’re excited to see different landscapes, as well as more creative, unexpected interpretations.”

Last week i posted photographs on one of the Cape’s most dynamic harbingers of summer, the infamous Cape Doctor.

Even now as i write this post the good Doctor is howling, which is a sign that summer is truly here.  Our climate is described as being “Mediterranean” – wet, cool winters and long, dry summers punctuated by galeforce sou’easterly winds.  Along with these gusting winds come the clouds, gorgeous swirling, eddying and highly mobile formations which wreath the mountains with a clinging wadding.   Higher up and the skies are blue and clear, so i guess i would describe this season as when the ‘clouds sit upon the mountains’, or as it is famously known, the “Tablecloth” effect. The moisture clings to the plants, leaving behind on the summits more than twice as much water as precipitated by rainfall.   The other vital effect that the Doctor provides is keeping the health of the marine environment by driving the surface water away from the coast, causing an upwelling of the nutrient rich, cold Benguela current.   The process is the lifeblood of the region supporting massive numbers of fish, seabirds and seals.  This soupy mix of nutrients and algae provides the foundation for all other life in the Benguela marine ecosystem – a broth of zooplanton and phytoplankton which sustains the links in a perfect food chain.

13 thoughts on “Changing Seasons: Head in the Clouds

  1. Great photos and beautiful scenery. Thanks for them and the background information. I especially like the one with the road. It looks like the clouds are coming right down on top of it. The mountain tops in the clouds are great too.

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