Surprise: Zebra on the beach!

This week’s photo challenge,  from Sara Rosso is posted as follows  –

“Surprise. There was talk of some sort of apocalypse today, but so far, so good. Big surprise! In honor of the world continuing, show me some surprises! If you’re at a loss what to share, I bet many of you have surprises hidden under a tree or in a closet somewhere. My photo is about the first big snowfall which surprised us overnight here in Italy. I woke up to a world covered in white and these were my first steps into the snow.

Share a picture which means SURPRISE to you!”

It’s a great topic as it opens up a variety of subjects –  so if you’d like to be “surprised”, pop over to the WordPress site –

A puzzle, a riddle of stripes, so beautifully put together that you can only admire the design – here’s my ‘surprise story’:

The Cape Mountain zebra is on the IUCN Red List as critically endangered.  Last year in the Cape Point Nature reserve there were great celebrations as a foal was born on 19th July (2011). I’ve been on the lookout ever since, only ever catching a glimpse of the family group in the far distance.   Then last week, there they were in a totally unexpected area, a busy part of the park where people congregate to use boat launching facilities, tidal pools, picnic and barbecue sites.  It was late afternoon and most of the day visitors had left, and i imagine that they’d come down attracted by the inviting sweet, green grass.  Still it’s unusual to photographa Cape Mountain zebra against a beach backdrop with breaking waves and it reinforced the awe of the surprising sighting. Cape Mountain zebra, Buffels Bay. _DSC9847

8 thoughts on “Surprise: Zebra on the beach!

  1. Thanks Gilly! I once went to a lecture by a well-known author, an atheist, who described zebra stripes as her “God-bothering moments”…. and up-close when you can marvel at the detail it becomes quite mesmerizing. Such wonderful sightings! Best wishes to you and yours too, for the festive season.

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