Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

It’s a happy coincidence that “love” is the subject of this week’s challenge as in my last post i highlighted a project which lifts the heart and bridges a divide by universal love.  I wrote about the St Peter’s Love Quilt project initiated by members of the St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Arlington Virginia.  The quilt designs include messages of love from American children to children here in the Western Cape who have been orphaned through the Aids pandemic. The handing over and the receiving of the quilts made for a moving ceremony.  As the children’s identities are protected, we mainly photographed them wrapped up in their gift from behind.   The task of photographing the event was challenging,  the background was cluttered, and there were unwanted objects intruding into the frames, so i resorted to post editing in Photoshop to declutter the background:- here are some of the 36 quilts which were given to disadvantaged children in foster homes.

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