Homes with a Difference: Bird Box Condos

Condos for birds and bugs.Two hundred and fifty bespoke boxes for birds and bugs form a sculptural installation called “The Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven”.  How’s that for communal living?    It’s a part of the London Secret Garden Project and is a reference to utopian imagery – a show home for birds and bugs in a wooded environment,  designed by London Fieldworks. We came across it by chance walking through Cremorne Gardens, which in an area of mixed housing where quaint Georgian town houses stand alongside the gritty 60’s World End housing estate.  The sculpture fits that eclectic mix, and one hopes the birds and bugs did fly in spontaneously and take up residence in the Tree of Heaven.

This is my second take of the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Pop over to the WordPress site for other examples of photography along the subject of “Home”.

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