The spirit of spontaneity.

This morning i was on the verge of getting my camera gear set up on the front patio to take photos of an otter eating what looked like a pyjama shark, when out of the corner of my eye, i was distracted by a bit of a rumpus going on in the rocks below.  Quick flashes of furriness came to view and initially i thought that the elusive caracal was back hunting for it’s breakfast.  Instead it turned out to be game of tag between the young dassies and a mongoose.  Up and over rocks, this way then that, alternating between the chasing and the chased. The game was over too quickly with no time to get the tripod set, or the camera mounted.  It reminded me of an incident which occurred last year while visiting London when we had a day out in Richmond….

02_Thames-River, spilling the banks at Richmond

Out of nowhere came a Springer Spaniel, with an engaging and irresistible look in the eye with clear motives.
Soon willing participants were under his thrall.
Clearly in his element and reveling in the moment.
06_ Play on
Charming his way with a stick and pure exuberance.

10 thoughts on “The spirit of spontaneity.

  1. Our Wilson would be exactly the same. The second he sees (or smells) water he is off hunting for a stick so you can throw it in for him. He will retrieve the stick eagerly for ages, until we notice he is overtired and refuse to throw it in for him. Funny how they won’t normally go into the water though if there isn’t a stick to catch!

    1. They’re an energetic breed that’s for sure! Interesting insight to their instincts to retrieve… but not particularly water keen? What was the origin in behaviour to be named ‘springer’ spaniels? Were they used for hunting?

      1. He wants to go into water, he runs to it and stands in it, but will not swim until you throw in a stick, but he wants to swim desperately!

        They were bred as gun dogs, to retrieve fowl whether it landed on land or in water. They even have webbed feet!

        Springers are so called for the way they run through scrub, they literally bounce! Wonderful to watch 🙂

      2. Thanks for the info Barbara 🙂 What a remarkable breed, the webbed feet and the bounce must have been an added asset in a working dog. Your dog must have good breeding not to enter the water unless for purpose!

  2. You didn’t get what you wanted, but we all win because of it. What a happy set of pictures, Liz – thanks for sharing these.

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