Double exposure?

Yesterday, Michael Pick from WordPress’ Daily post team,  highlighted an interesting blog post in “Posts We Loved” on the creative use of double exposures.

He writes  – “One of the pieces that really stuck out for me as a fascinating experiment, this week, was “foodface – my friends and what they ate (part two).” I was drawn in not just because the photographs in the post are beautifully inventive and really nicely executed, but also because they embody something I think everyone hopes for in a stand-out post: arresting imagery, a different take on familiar themes, and fascinating ideas that add up to more than the sum of their parts.”

A couple of years ago i held a photographic exhibition to draw awareness to the plight of the baboons living on the urban edge here in the Cape Peninsula.  Along the same lines but in a different take, here is one of my double exposure photos which was printed onto canvas in A3 size, to draw attention to a lack of conservation aspects.    I’d love to get feedback on whether it ‘speaks’ to the viewer or not?  Does it convey a stronger message by combining the two images?


21 thoughts on “Double exposure?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gilly. It’s been interesting trying to get effective visual messages across as not everyone understands English and some of the pictograms are too obtuse. Appealing to peoples’ sense of responsibility is an ongoing challenge!

  1. The search to see all that’s there involves a viewer in a different way. At least that’s what I think —
    We “discover” the baboon for ourselves, rather than having you simply telling us something.

    1. Thank you! Haunting isn’t a description that has come up yet, so i appreciate that. Must admit that your images do inspire me to try more in-camera exposures for a more creative aspect.

  2. Hi Liz, I love this photo, I agree with the comment above, the picture is haunting to me too.

    I would like to see the same picture, but with the trash a bit more ‘obvious’ (I’m not sure how to explain this properly) I think or example with the rubbish being beer cans, plastic toys, discarded electrical items, the junk of the ‘throw-away’ society we live in now. I did a post recently on my blog about a sculpture garden, and one of the sculptures was some horses made out of rubbish… I’ve called the picture ‘The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse’ have a look at it as its the kind of trash I was thinking of

    1. Great to get your comments, Barbara. I checked your index and tag cloud, but couldn’t find the 4 horses. Interested to see the sculptures, always on the look out for ideas. I tried doing a mosaic with bins, rubbish, cigarettes, etc…. Need to make the message stronger… as horrified at what the baboons pick up and test, taste-try…. from used chewing gum and condoms to old mouldy food.

      1. The horses are in a recent post (not indexed yet) called ‘If you go down to the woods today’ . I posted it within the last 2 weeks I think xx

    1. Thanks for the feedback Symanntha. It’s useful knowing how the image is perceived; I did other images using refuse bins and baboons in a mosaic but I should relook at doing a new series, as the issues with baboons continue.

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