33 thoughts on “Depth of Field

    1. Thanks for the comment Tina 🙂 Yes, those hay bales come with all good photographic aspects …. texture, colour, lead lines…. ploughing contour lines, deep horizons, shallow close-ups (and a bit of trespassing required…)

  1. How did you do this, Liz? It looks great. I went out to shoot hay bales the other day, with my new baby the D800 and the new wide angle ( no experience whatsoever with that one) and I am not that happy with the results. Which lense did you use?
    Big hug to you from the Rhine Valley
    … and thank you so much for your comment to Solitude!♥

    1. That’s one great camera you’ve got there! I have my travel kit with me D300 and Nilon 18 – 200mm; it’s not my most favoured lens but useful when travelling to cut down on lugging around excess gear. For wide angles i’d have preferred to use my 12-24mm – nice crisp images. I used the aperture priority setting, and a combination of dynamic AF across 51 AF points for the distance settings ( f/18); Mid range f/9 and centre-weighted AF; Close up (f/5.6) centre-weighted AF. Hope that helps? Generally i use aperture priority – except wildlife shots in low light – then shutter priority. My favourite lens is the 70 -200mm with x2 teleconverter using my D3s. It’s drawback though is it’s weight when travelling.
      Wishing you happy shooting with your new baby 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for this really helpful reply, Liz, yes it answered my questions and even better; also the ones I didn’t ask! :-). I can’t tell you how happy I’m to see that your favourite setting is the aperture priority, I use that one a lot too. The Iso automatic is new to me, I use that one now to see how it works. Until now I was travelling with my 18-200 on the D200. Now I have the 3 “dreamteam” lenses and a burden way over 10 kgs. That’s really a drawback, because I’m travelling a lot…
        Have a great weekend and thank you once again.

  2. Stunning images! We have a special love for those round hay bales in my family. When my daughter was around four, we were driving through farmland. We kept saying “Look at the horses; look at the cows”. Then my daughter said “Look at the round animals” and the name stuck. She is 23 now. 🙂

  3. Love the first shot – I’ve often passed by fields with bales of hay and always regretted not stopping to take some photos. These will encourage me to stop next time and make the most of it!

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