The Shoreline

The Cape Peninsula has some stunning beaches and quite dramatic shorelines. The wild Atlantic differs quite considerably from the warmer more placid False Bay due to the influence of the two major currents. The cool Benguela rules the West Coast with high dynamic energy as opposed to the Agulhas current which sweeps warm water from the Subtropics along the East Coast via the Indian Ocean. So where do the two currents meet? Even the scientists disagree on the issue, because the retroflection of the Agulhas Current moves back and forth and it’s hard to define an exact boundary. With the differing water temperature come changes in the marine life, and that makes for some fascinating beach-combing and poking around in rock pools.







The rocky shoreline on the Atlantic side
The rocky shoreline on the Atlantic side

23 thoughts on “The Shoreline

    1. Hi MM…. let me introduce you to the beach critters – first up are the sacred ibis with their long pick bills.. then the baboons crossing the beach. They belong to the Old World Monkey group (with tails); Then the rag-tag black-backed gulls – always on the scavenge. My favourite buck – the Cape Bontebok – which is adapted to eating fynbos vegetation (pretty tough); and lastly the Egyptian geese – they’re all over the place – a very successful group of birds. Hope you’ll be back for another visit 🙂

  1. This seems to be a paradise for the animals, Liz. They look so happy and content, I’d love to see it for myself. One day . I’m happy that the gulf stream gives us a rather mild climate in the North as well.
    ENjoy your weekend!
    Big hug!

    1. Thanks Dina 🙂 Hope your ‘one day’ wishes become a reality…. it’s quite the place to visit … one of Trip Advisor’s top destinations. It’s intriguing how different the Atlantic can be when tempered with a moderating current.

  2. These are really lovely…those cheeky baboons look like they’re on a mission of note. Oh how beautiful our beloved country is with all it’s contrasts in all forms and shapes.

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