Hairy caterpillars


Spring continues on in dynamic form and after the good winter rain, the gardens thrive.  Not all critters are so welcome though as I find a population explosion of hairy, bristly caterpillars on the march…. Green bristles Green bristles_01 Hairy caterpillars Face-up-_-caterpillar-on-the-move

17 thoughts on “Hairy caterpillars

      1. I live along the mighty and historic Ottawa River which forms the border between Ontario & Quebec. Yep. I think we’re in for a cold, snowy winter.

      2. This is the magic of blogging and the www, in a couple of keystrokes one can be transported to a different world. I had a quick look at the Riverkeepers blog on the Ottawa… what a river. Look forward to exploring your world 🙂

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