Dassies: Safety in Numbers

A six-pack of baby dassies, huddled together.
A six-pack of baby dassies, huddled together.
Rooikat, West Coast Park
Rooikat, West Coast Park

The prey and predator – the dassie brood are skittish at the moment; they make a very tasty snack for the caracal.  Our neighbours have sighted a caracal (rooikat or lynx) in their garden.  At the slightest of disturbance our resident dassies are quick to take cover between the rocks.  The rooikat likes to hunt at dawn or dusk, but occasionally we get glimpses during the day.  Probably 50% or last year’s dassie brood have survived; this year at this point there are about 15 babies in the colony.   The Rooikat (Caracal caracal) is a well-built animal with strong legs, remarkably large paws and a relatively short tail.   It is elusive and shy and not easily spotted.  The photo above was taken by a friend on a hike in the West Coast Coastal Park.

15 thoughts on “Dassies: Safety in Numbers

    1. 🙂 sometimes it feels a bit like being besides a watering hole watching the comings and goings of our wildlife neighbours … we’re lucky! There are rumours too, that there a cape leopard roaming on our back mountain… that would be something if it can be verified 🙂

  1. The Lynx looks so elegant and beautiful, a great shot by your friend, Liz. Lucky you to have met a sixpack of small dassies! Their expressions put a big smile on my face this morning, thank you! 🙂
    Have a wonderful day. Love, Dina

    1. Hi Dina, yes, they’re smart little characters, our dassies. They’re one of the animal hierachies to have a lookout on watch … any danger and they go mad with their alarm calls. Hope all’s well your end, and not too cold 🙂

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