The Beach Scene

“Wandering with my camera, I often find my eye drawn to strange bedfellows.  Juxtapositions. Foils, unexpected pairings ….”  so says Michelle at WordPress in her challenge for the week as she sets the topic “Juxtaposition” for this week’s challenge.

Here, over our summer season, the beach scene generally hums and you never quite know who’ll be there strutting their stuff.  So it looks as though feathers are in this year for the latest in beach attire….

Neck contortion and a bit of preening.
Just checking the fluffy bits.
Ma and Pa ostrich
Ma and Pa ostrich checking out the beachgoers.
Ma's quite unfazed by all the fuss.
Ma’s quite unfazed by all the attention.
All part of the day's outing.
All part of the day’s outing – swimming, sunbathing, cooling off at the water’s edge.

14 thoughts on “The Beach Scene

    1. 🙂 strange and wonderful isn’t it! They don’t usually loll about on the beach, but it was a hot, hot day, and i think they found the beachsand cooling. Thanks as always for your comments.

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