I’m an avid beachcomber, and the sea delivers the most exquisite of treasure from shells, glass shards and even the odd Spanish coin.

This post is in response to this week’s photo challenge:  Treasure.   To see what else is being showcased by fellow bloggers, follow the link here.

18 thoughts on “Treasure

    1. Lovely, that’s the way to trigger those good memories. I still look out for the treasures of my childhood – the periwinkels and alikreukel operculums – those pincushion like trapdoors; and love to put a shell to my ear to hear the sea!

    1. Don’t we have some pretty amazing beaches, and some along treacherous stretches of coastline… all those shipwrecks etc. One of my aunt’s has a treasure trove of trade beads, copper nails, ships artefacts from the days when she was young beachcombing in the vicinity of one of the Portuguese East Indiamen that struck a reef. Lots of history out there..

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