33 thoughts on “WPC: Threes

  1. Oh how sad. I was so delighted with the first image that caught my eye! Adorable little creatures! But the other two…now I am crying and so sad. WHat kind of animals are those? How I hate seeing the animals hit by cars. It always breaks my heart.

    1. Wait, I see now. A Grey Mongoose! We don’t have those in the US. Gosh they are cute. I stopped crying, but I am still sad. I read the other posts you did on them. THank you!

      1. They’re frequently in and out of our garden, but this little youngster will be missed. The sibling is growing fast, but no longer can we see them dashing after each other playing tag. Sad 😦

  2. Think we need to change it from “like” to “appreciate” for cases just like this 😦 The first photo is adorable. The second and third tell a very different story. If you’re advocating for speed bumps perhaps a poster with these photos would help your cause! Nicely done Liz, as always.

  3. What a poignant essay… Such beautiful creatures. I’m so sorry that such a gorgeous little one had to be killed at our hands, sadly common. Such a sweet little family.

  4. Like so many before me, I can’t like this sad story, but you’ve told it so simply and beautifully. Here, society’s nonchalant (at best) attitude toward animals on the roads and elsewhere is disheartening.

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