18 thoughts on “Threshold

    1. 🙂 he’s one of our more handsome types, mind you we have a gorgeous looking leopard toad (on the endangered species list) so we’re very conscious of our amphibious friends 🙂

  1. fun! cute rainfrogs move into my bathroom during the dry season. sometimes i’ll look at them in the night and say, ‘you might be my prince, but i’m not going to kiss you…’

    i worked hard in the yard yesterday and pruned branches, pulled weeds, tamed the jack-in-the beanstalk wild growth that happens during the rainy season. i was not surprised when i discovered a boa in the house last night.

    i could write a post aboutit, but i don’t think that most readers would embrace that story.. they’d be creeped out! the boa left several hours later, btw, and i then went to sleep!

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