Where Sky Meets Mountains

At 2500m, Naude’s Nek is the highest mountain pass in South Africa. The gravel road twists and turns in a switchback pattern traversing the a steep incline. Once at the top the scenic vistas on both sides are grand and expansive: a realm of repeating mountain tops which pleat and fold into the far horizon. And the wind? It has it’s own tempestuous song. Here the vegetation is Alpine, pruned by the gnarly wind, all stubby; short back and sides. The biome is categorised as Montane grassland. Here the raptors ride the thermals and the motorist who makes it to the top, may well feel a euphoria (the air is thin) and a sense of being “On Top”.

This post is in response to this week’s photo challenge: On Top

8 thoughts on “Where Sky Meets Mountains

    1. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of activity, Gilly. Hiking trails connect Macdhui, the highest peak, but there is also a ski lodge and for that hardy breed, a lodge for fly-fishermen. Yes!! And two hardy sisters strode it out between the wind-pruned tussocks. It was envigorating, :). But it is really the realm of shepherds, and stockmen on ponies.

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