Ostriches on the beach

Cooling down the feathers.
Cooling down the feathers.

This is a fairly unusual scene, seeing ostriches so close to the water’s edge.  The shot was taken on a hot and still summer’s day, and there they were cooling down on the wet sand.  While currently our winter weather is set in and the nor’ westerly storms hammer the coast, oh! we dream of ‘Summer Lovin’ …..  this week’s photo challenge!



15 thoughts on “Ostriches on the beach

  1. This is wonderful, how lovely to see a pair of ostriches like this. Phew, it’s so hot, no wonder they need to cool down as well…:-)

  2. Adorable photo. I photographed ostriches down at the Cape of Good Hope – the closest I have seen them by the sea. Which beach is this?

  3. Interesting looking creatures. I wonder if that’s a parent on the right and an offspring on the left, given that one expression seems impish and the other watchful. 😀

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