Into the Future

Westminster in the Thames desert.
Westminster in the Thames desert.

There will be challenges in the future around climate change … here’s my cover art for my new book….?!  Inspired by this week’s photo challenge.  Here’s the link to other interpretations.

10 thoughts on “Into the Future

  1. Haha – very clever! Though the way we are going I fear it is more likely that the British Isles will consist of a lot more islands. I think I should move to the top of a hill 🙂

    1. The Low Countries and a Venice effect? Global warming will have it’s challenges! Though i must admit I came across the idea to project futuristic scenes at an exhibit at the Museum of London – the Queen’s guard on camels, palm trees along the Mall, the Gerkin looked like a highrise out of Hong Kong with laundry poles etc….

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