Greater flamingoes at Strandfontein



It seems an incongruous place to find so many birds, but the Coastal Park landfill site on the Strandfontein road teems with them and is especially attractive to a large colony of Southern black-backed gulls.  But today we were treated to the sight of these graceful Greater Flamingoes wading and feeding in the waters flowing from the former Strandfontein sewerage ponds.  They’re a gregarious species and their chatty honking set up a jazzy vibe.   Their downward curving bills enable the bird to feed head down raking through the mud with the upper mandible below the lower.  Their characteristic jiggle as they stamp their feet to stir up the mud helps to disturb the small larvae on which they feed.


13 thoughts on “Greater flamingoes at Strandfontein

  1. Flamingoes are funny, social birds – gaggling like gossips, I find them amusing. Probably not the healthiest location for them, but at least you get the chance for a good photo.

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