Caracal 1 – King of the Urban Wilderness

Sightings of caracal on the urban edge are moments to treasure. Here Wilf describes these elusive creatures …..

Our Urban Wild

The monarch of our little urban wilderness is much like his counterpart out there in the big wild like the Kruger National Park: fast, powerful, a killer, ruthless, perfectly designed for the job – but he is vastly smaller.

The male African lion weighs in at up to a quarter of a metric ton; the caracal at about 20 kg max, a pussycat by comparison. There is one other big difference: the lion is brimful of conceit, a lazy slob, an African snob. He is nocturnal by nature but never bothers to hide himself by day, loafing around in the sun with his females if he has any, confident there is little threat to his hedonistic lifestyle – except perhaps an elephant or rhino or passing herd of buffalo, none of whom look for trouble.

Our king is a reclusive, well-mannered gentleman.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto credit: Shaun Mitchem (Wikipedia) licensed under the

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