A couple of years ago we replanted our garden using mostly indigenous plants. The reward has been threefold – we use less water, the plants thrive in the natural soil but best of all are the gorgeous sunbirds which come in to dine on the nectar plants. They are like treasured jewels flitting about as their iridescent colours glint in the sunlight. Here a handsome red collared sunbird sups from a leucospermum cordifolium bush.

9 thoughts on “Reward

  1. I love leucospermum with it waxy orange flower. We used to get it as a cut flower when I was a florist. The sunbird indeed looks like a flying jewel. Gorgeous!

  2. Here on Kiawah we are ALL about indigenous plants. I do a great deal of work for our conservancy here and we’ve worked really hard to help the residents understand how very important they are. Loved your reinforcement Liz, (and your photo!)

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