5 thoughts on “Wuppertal rooibos soap

      1. Reminds me of Pear’s soap that I always used when my children were little. I wonder what the rooibos ones smell like. Did you buy some?

  1. I can’t believe this, the wonderful soap is called Wupperthal! 🙂 Has it got anything to do with Wuppertal in Germany?? 🙂 The previous name of the city was Wupperthal …

    1. Nice to see your interest in Wupperthal 😊. It was founded in the early 1830’s by Reinish missionaries – then transferred to the Moravian church . It still is run as a missionary station but it’s way out in the sticks, in the middle of an arid region. Tough conditions for those living there. Very different to the Wuppertal in Germany but I think they’re connected?

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