Macaques in fine detail

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An item breaking news this week is the discovery of 15 partial skeletons found in a burial chamber deep in a cave system here in South Africa’s “Cradle of Mankind”.   Scientists believe they may have discovered a new human-like species.   They claim that the discovery will change ideas about our human ancestors.

Named “Homo Naledi” they are at pains to avoid the term “missing link”, but they use the phrase “a bridge between more primitive bipedal primates and humans.    Excitement stems from the fact that the skeleton bones are in good condition, and  the smaller bones are still intact.  Laid out and photographed is a complete skeleton,.  What i find intriguing is the comparison between the structure of the bones of a modern human hand and this ancient “Naledi” group.  If you’re interested in reading more here’s the link to an article from the BBC detailing the find.

With those images on my mind, I’m inspired to post primate photos showing the close-up details of macaques.     I’m linking to Jen’s “Monochromatic” – the theme for this week’s photo challenge.

20 thoughts on “Macaques in fine detail

  1. Beautiful work Liz. The primate story – past, present and future – is so captivating. Your posts on the subject provide ME with a missing link in my personal knowledge of natural history! Can’t wait to hear more about this discovery.

  2. Really cool…Specially the hand…The nails are almost human…
    I was listening on the radio the news…One of the investigators that went to South Africa was a Spanish one, and he was talking about the excitation he felt when analising the rib cage..He realized he was touching something absolutely new..And he said…Wow!!!! 🙂

      1. Good description! Yep, an old English phrase that my Dad used on occasion.

        It is the right description for these photos- I keep coming back for a look at them which is not something I do often.

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