Mountain dahlia: Liparia splendens

Today I was lucky to discover a plant I’ve been keeping an eye out for years: a mountain dahlia and it lives up to it’s description ‘splendens’.  It’s a showy flower, pollinated by sunbirds especially the little Orange breasted.   Found on a mountain slope in the Silvermine reserve, it grows in an area which was ravaged by fire in March. It’s interesting to see that there are young plants around the more mature shrubs.

Mountain dahlia_APR4566

The striking colours and size make a gorgeous ‘ornate’ species.

17 thoughts on “Mountain dahlia: Liparia splendens

    1. Am an avid fan of Kirstenbosch gardens, but hadn’t ever come across their webpage which you reference. Thank you, Steve. Was happy to read up and discover further information – the myrmecochory link with the seed dispersal and to learn that it’s a resprouter after fire.

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