“Take us to school with your photos this week, and show us some ABCs.”  Michelle poses this challenge at WordPress.

A world away from Manhattan’s Alphabet City here in the Red Hill informal settlement in the south Peninsula, South Africa – the alphabet is all important in learning written language skills.  Resources are basic here, the creche is set up in three used shipping containers, and teaching aids are minimal.  If only there was a magic wand to wish in the required materials and resources.  ICT’s – in our dreams –  but nevertheless on the wish list too.


12 thoughts on “Alphabet

    1. Yes, here’s hoping for them. They’re amazing – their language skills are excellent. I got involved through a neighbour introducing and reading English. They really deserve to have a good education.

  1. Love the zebra crossing 🙂 And I hope their dreams come true, education is so critical for the future of these children. I once tried to come to Africa as an ICT teacher, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. They are so much more enthusiastic about learning, compared to some kids here who just take it all for granted.

    1. Thanks Jude, so true that it is critical for their future. SA has appalling stats here for students getting through to the final year of secondary education. Too many kids fall through the cracks, but it helps if they get a good start. These young kids are amazing with their language skills – understanding and conversing in three languages already. Too bad that ICT is lagging behind in its field here.

    1. Yes, ‘Hope’ expresses that desire to get on. It’s a long road ahead. The stats are bad though for making it through 12 grades of primary and secondary education. A high rate of dropouts – so here’s hoping the class of 2016 beat the odds 🙂

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