Fabulous vygies

“Vygies” (little figs) are the local name for the succulent family of Mesembryanthemaceae (Aizoaeae).  Other common names are ice plants, fig mairgold, mesembs, midday flower.  They steal the show with their fabulous display of vibrant colours.   Having adapted to conditions of great aridity some of their bizarre designs account for coping with lack of water and high temperatures.  The metallic sheen of their petals adds to their richness of  colour by reflecting the rays of the sun to deflect it’s heat.  Amazing too is their diversity showing up in 127 genera and about 1700 species.

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31 thoughts on “Fabulous vygies

  1. I know them as ice plants too, we had rock walls edging the garden and driveway and they would cascade down and be a riot of colour in summer. I like the ones with the pale centers.

  2. Mesembryanthemums used to be common bedding plants here in the UK though you don’t see them as often now. Your collection is gorgeous, ‘jewel’ plant is much more apt than ‘ice’ plant – and seeing them in the wild in South Africa is quite an experience.

    1. Interesting that they adapt to a wetter climate over there, Jude. I agree with that thought -” jewels” so apt. The lithops (stoneplants) are my favourite … all to do with those Knersvlakte near Nieuwoudtville. So many variations too.

      1. We’ve had a strange and mild winter and today the temp shot up to 7 Celcius and the Rideau Canal is a long puddle when normally we’re all skating at the annual winter festival. I feel bad for the poor tourists who came for “Winterlude” and got “Waterlude” instead.

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