Seasons: the back end of summer

Nature’s seasonal cycle ticks by and we relish the cooler temperatures as summer comes to an end.  There’s an expectancy in the air – the swallows begin to gather, and a steppe buzzard hovers in the area.  Soon the migrant birds will leave the shores on their long trip to the north.   Meanwhile there is a feast to be had with the fruiting plants.   Berries are plump and juicy, all ripe for the picking.  There’s an extra ‘frisson’ in the air too as mating couples pair off for the next chapter.   The winter rains will bring good vegetation and nutrition for pregnant females for the coming spring and the birth of their young.

WPC:  “Seasons” 

19 thoughts on “Seasons: the back end of summer

  1. I’m going to have to terminate my relationship with your blog, Ms Liz, if you continue to break my desk-bound heart by posting such images from Platboom and its surrounds up on the InterWebz. Work presently precludes me getting down there and these stunning images are like an arrow to my soul. That hawk could have been captured there or perhaps you caught him at Olifantsbos and the baboons … anywhere from either of the two to Buffels Bay. It goes to show – Cape Point will give you stellar shots, even in the middle of the day. Damn! I love that place.

    1. Yes, true – the yin/yang is a perfect balance. Must admit i’ve learned a lot on the wintery aspect of climate in your neck of the woods Eliza. Glad that equinox is coming up soon.

  2. Liz, I’m in full agreement with all who have expressed appreciation for the beauty you capture. As you celebrate the coming of fall … We up North anticipate new beginnings that come with Spring 🌷

    1. Thanks for your comments Theresa. We’re hoping for better rain this coming winter. Dams are low – 38% currently indicating less rainfall than usual. The burned veld is recovering slowly, but some areas are a worry for soil stability and erosion.

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