11 thoughts on “Lazy day at the beach

    1. Mussels. They crack ’em with rocks. Was this locally or down at Olifantsbos, Liz – it looks like the latter.

      1. Yep it was at Olifantsbos. The troop was fairly well split – the sub adult males and juveniles were ‘jolling’ in the rockpools going for mussels while the more sedate ‘moms’ and older males were picking over the grassy banks, digging for succulent grass roots. Was interested to read that they use rocks to crack the mussels – i’ve seen them biting into the mussel shells then using their fingers to get at the meat, also prying limpets off rocks with teeth. First time i’ve heard their use of rocks as tools 🙂

  1. They really love to forage on the rocks at low tide … which particular troop was this, Liz?

    1. Yes! Always find this environment and their foraging fascinating. All those good rich omega oils and quality protein. Did you pick up on the article in the Wild Magazine on Matthew Lewis’ research on the baboons’ diet particularly marine food? Interesting observations. Let me know if you want a copy – can scan and email it to you.

  2. Im so impressed….they are fascinating to watch….not that i have any opportunity at all where i live…the odd seal and fairy penguin on the beach. : )

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