May: Wild Flowers – Protea

Another post on wild flowers for Jude’s challenge – Proteas this time – specially for  Maurice over at iAMsafari. Hiking in the mountains or along the coast here in the Cape and you’re bound to come across a number of different protea.  They’re a magnificent genus  from the King protea to the spiderheads, blackbeards, silkypuffs, pincushions, cones, etc and pretty rife with showy species.  There are about 360 different species in southern Africa; Australia has many more – 800 (according to the Sasol Field Guide).

13 thoughts on “May: Wild Flowers – Protea

  1. You’re spoiling us with those magnificent flowers, Liz. And as it’s my birthday today your timing is spot on!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful post.

  2. Such beauty and I never knew that Australia also has proteas until very recently. Actually that Leucospermum cordifolium looks very much like a Banksia in your photo, which now makes sense as Banksias are in the family Proteaceae. Thank you so much for sharing these Liz.

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